Veritable safe with keys to the New York vintage

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. compact key box with keys-Volume 4.2 litres
Ideal safe for burglar protection in your home or office. It is designed in top-choice steel with an informable and monobloc steel structure of 15/10th. Its door opening at 90 ° is untearable without apparent hinges. The fastening of the trunk is to be carried out by fixing: 2 in the back, 2 at the base. A mounting kit is included.
With a volume of 4.2 litres for a weight of 4 kg, this ultra compact chest has a body armour of 2 mm and 3 mm for the door.
Burglary Protection for your home or office.
Door Shield: 3 mm.
Body armour: 2 mm.
2 Bolts of condemnation
Key lock (two keys included).
Fixing holes: 2 in the back, 2 at the base.
Outside Dimensions (mm): 23x17x17cm
Interior Dimensions (mm): 22x16x12cm
Number of shelves: none.
Volume: 4.2 litres.
Peas: 4 kg.

coffre fort design
Your vintage New York safe has become a deco object and you will have a great time seeing it as well.
  London vintage key safe for those looking for originality, security, and something exclusive so your new safe will be the expression of your own distinctive style.
Safe London vintage the ideal solution to keep cash, jewelry, administrative or confidential documents, computer equipment or other valuables, your property will be safe.
  The safe New York vintage, compact totally unsupervable, if it is placed in the right place it can become almost invisible

Electronic Safe 20x31x22 Cm

​Coffre-Fort Électronique

149,00 € 199,00 €
Keep your jewelry and important documents safe.
Integrated in a piece of furniture or fixed on a wall, this safe and the ideal storage solution for all objects that you do not want to leave at the mercy of thieves.