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Price: 169,00 €  459,00 €
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compact key box with keys-Volume 4.2 litres
Ideal safe for burglar protection in your home or office. It is designed in top-choice steel with an informable and monobloc steel structure of 15/10th. Its door opening at 90 ° is untearable without apparent hinges. The fastening of the trunk is to be carried out by fixing: 2 in the back, 2 at the base. A mounting kit is included.
With a volume of 4.2 litres for a weight of 4 kg, this ultra compact chest has a body armour of 2 mm and 3 mm for the door.
Burglary Protection for your home or office.
Door Shield: 3 mm.
Body armour: 2 mm.
2 Bolts of condemnation
Key lock (two keys included).
Fixing holes: 2 in the back, 2 at the base.
Outside Dimensions (mm): 23x17x17cm
Interior Dimensions (mm): 22x16x12cm
Number of shelves: none.
Volume: 4.2 litres.
Peas: 4 kg.

By storing your personal papers and valuables in a safe, you will not only prevent them from being stolen, but also misplace them. And it's even better if the safe is carefully hidden away from inquisitive and indiscreet looks. In order for the safe to fulfill its functions optimally, it is strongly recommended to preserve it from curious eyes. And successfully hide his safe can be like a child's play as soon as its owners find a safe and discreet location where to hide.Our safes are totally unsuspected if they are placed in the right place!

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étagére murale coffre fort noyer

etagere coffre fort

134,00 € 159,00 €
Cette étagère murale coffre fort renferme un tiroir très discret. Et il est plus grand à l'intérieur qu'il n'y parait depuis l'extérieur… Très pratique, le tiroir offre un espace de rangement supplémentaire. Une fois fixée au mur, cette étagère est idéale comme console dans une entrée : sur le plateau, déposez votre portable ou vos gants, et dans le tiroir, rangez vos clés et bijoux. Tout est ainsi parfaitement en ordre dès votre retour, et avec un encombrement minimal.

Tiroir dissimulé, dimensions internes : 24,7 x 1,9 x 10,9 cm
Charge supportée : jusqu'à 10 kg
En bois de cèdre
Fixation rapide et facile
Coloris noyer
Dimensions : 50 x 5 x 18 cm, poids : env. 1,7 kg